Dogma: To be continued.   

Dereliction: In the armed services, dereliction of duty is a serious offense. For us, forgetting to smile is dereliction of humanity. It costs us nothing to smile. From the time we were born our faces shone with a smile. Don't allow your inner happiness to become a shipwreck, succumbing to the storms of negativity that surround us.

Erosion of Time: Time rules our daily lives. It's time for work, time to eat, time to sleep. We stress over being late. Our lives are on a constant schedule of places to be or things to do. To be our most productive selves, we need to schedule time to nurture our spiritual nature, as much as our bodies. Extract yourself from time's arrow and live in the moment.   

The Hand We're Dealt: Our lot in life is often dictated by our surroundings. Much is said about poverty and the effects it has on society, but I find inspiration in those that have thrown off the shackles of the hand that they are dealt to thrive, to shine, to turn lemons into lemonade and be their best true self. 

Lamentations on Limitations

Labels: Since the dawn of mankind, our nature is to label everything around us. We place names on plants, animals, geographic locations, and people. Some labels are to designate our roots, while others are meant to denigrate and debase. When others label us or we fall into the trap of self-labeling, we can erect a psychological barrier that holds us back from being our best self.

Slavery: Money may not be the root of all evil, but it does hold us captive. Without it we either rely on other or perish. Money keeps us clothed, feed and sheltered. But it also drives our desires for "things" that shift our perceptions from needs to wants. Money does not buy happiness. Lighten your load and let your joie de vivre soar.