Born in a year of great change, 1959 in Chicago, David Plath spent many years among the skyscrapers and noted architecture of the Second City. Trading concrete and glass for trees and topography, Plath has since lived in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Mid-Hudson Valley of New York, and now in South Florida, experiencing nature in it's grandest and visiting many historical places.

In addition to photography, Plath is an aspiring writer, having penned short stories and poetry. He is currently working on his first novel, Raising Koi.

Growing up in the neighborhoods of Chicago, I was exposed to the architecture of Sullivan, Lloyd Wright and so many others. I would spend as much free time as I could at the Art Institute, losing myself in the color and form. 

My photographic influences were Andre Kertesz and Stephen Deutch. Their use of line and shadow drew my eye in and immediately told a story. I want to tell those same stories with my own work. 



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